Spirit of America Marching Band will be hosting it's 8th. Annual Drill Design Retreat June 25-29, 2018.  Craig Harms-Presenter. For information about the 2017 Seminar contact: info@spiritofamericaband.org.

For over 25 years, Creative Consultation Service and its founder, Craig Harms, has served the technological needs
of musicians and music educators.

During that time, CCS has
continually lived up to its name of product/service diversity, support, and innovation.

CCS holds a unique position as the principal consulting company of product education for Pyware 3D Drill Design software.

Now, with its web site www.BandFo.com(band + information) CCS opens a new highway for the director wishing a comprehensive resource for the modern marching band, drum corps, winter guard, and indoor drum line.

Just a click away, www.BandFo.com is an "open portal" to not only a new comprehensive video guide for Pyware 3D drill design application, but a "one stop guide" for materials, events, and services in the field of marching band, winter guard, and drum corps.
Welcomes you to...
3D Viewer App. Now Available
for 2018

Drill written by Craig Harms...a music educator understanding not only the visual needs, but the musical content and instrumental limitations of staging a musical ensemble “on the move”.

Your satisfaction with quality and expediency of drill written is of the utmost importance.

We give every client and colleague the highest level of  consideration, support, and respect.

In addition, no service or product is beneficial unless delivered promptly.

Not only does Craig attend to creative “drill composition”, but also places a great deal of emphasis on the evaluation of realistic performance standards and presentation ... providing you effortless drill instruction